It All Points to Christ

Everything in God’s Word ultimately points to Christ. John chapter 1 tells us that Christ is the Word, that He became flesh and dwelt among us. Even throughout the Old Testament, there are many prophecies, and representations of Christ that foreshadowed His coming in the flesh.

I would like to share with you some lyrics by Chris Davis aka “Result” of Walk Right Ministries. In his song,  Show Me he does an excellent job of showing how every book in the Old Testament points to Christ in one way or another:

Lord, show me the images of You.  In Genesis,

You are the seed to crush the head of the nemesis.

In Exodus with Moses, You are the staff in his hand,

The blood on the doorpost–the Passover lamb.

High Priest in Leviticus. The Nazarite in Numbers.

In Deuteronomy, the righteous law I was under.

In Joshua, You’re the trumphet’s sound of justice.

And You are the Angel of the Lord found in Judges.

In Ruth, You are Boaz sent to redeem the scene.

In Samuel, David prefigured You as the King.

In Kings, you are the Prophets Elijah and Elisha.

The temple builder in Chronicles, Ezra and Nehemiah.

Deliverance in Esther, suffering and glory of Job.

The sympathy in Psalms and the wisdom that Proverbs showed.

The true satisfaction Ecclesiastes implied.

The perfect love in the Song of Solomon; we the bride.

Restoration in Isaiah, the warning in Jeremiah.

Lamentation’s sorrow Your people reject You as Messiah.

Ezekiel exposes Your future empire.

In Daniel You are the fourth man in the fire.

The husband in Hosea. The judgement of Joel, Amos and Obadiah for the one who disobey Ya.

Oh, and Youre the Gentiles salvation in Jonah.

The shepherd in Micah, the fire in Nahum. Youre shown to

Be the righteous one in Habakkuk, the wrath of Zephaniah.

Haggai’s promise; the path of Zechariah.

In Malachi Youre the refining fire.

All things point to You when I inquire.

The Bible has one central theme and that is Christ. It goes to great lengths to point to Christ and highly exalt Him. Likewise, the one central theme in our own daily lives should be Christ. We should go to great lengths to point to Him and give him glory in our walk.

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